Koch Dynasty of South Asia

sidli dynasty

koch royal dynasty of sidli estate..

1. Maharaja Chikna Narayan dev
2. Maharaja Shyamak Narayan Dev
3. Maharaja Bishya Narayan Dev
4. Maharaja Samudra Narayan Dev
5. Maharaja Bhujjya Narayan Dev
6. Maharaja Shambhu Narayan Dev
7. Maharaja Mahat Narayan Dev
8. Maharaja Sundar Narayan Dev
9. Maharaja Laxmi Narayan Dev (1172 bangla)
10. Maharaja Uday Narayan Dev (1191 bangla)
11. Maharaja Surjya Narayan Dev(1212 bangla)
12. Maharaja Indra Narayan Dev(1224 bangla)
13.Raja Bishnu Narayan Dev(1267 bangla)
14. Raja Abhay Narayan Dev(1291 bangla)
15. Raja Ajit Narayan Dev
16. Kumar Joyesh Narayan Dev.

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  1. Uttara says:

    Hello. I’m a part of the Royal Family of Pittapuram and I’m trying to contact the Koch family. Could I be provided with
    A contact.


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