From the Desk of the President

The western part of  Assam,  North Bengal, some parts of Bihar, Meghalaya, the  adjacent areas of  Bangladesh and Nepal inherit a common history & cultural heritage. It is the culture of the son of the soil, the culture of indigenous ethnic group Koch / Koch-Rajbongshis / Rajbongshis glorified by the elevated history of Kamrup-Kamata as well as Koch-Kingdom and presently spread over in three countries-India, Nepal, Bhutan  and Bangladesh and in different geographical background it is popularly known as Rajbongshi Culture, Koch Culture, Goalparia Culture, Rangpuria Culture, Suryapuri Culture, Vaoaiya Culture etc. It is the tune of Bena, Dotora, Sarinda, Dhol & Basuri  that unite the people across the country sometimes irrespective of their caste-creed & religion.

Koch-Rajbonshi Cultural Society was established in the year 2003. Since inception it has been working for the preservation, protection & promotion of glorious Koch /  Koch-Rajbongshi / Rajbonshi History & Culture.

The objective of opening this website from the part of Koch-Rajbongshi Cultural Society is to make a global platform of study and research for the Koch-Rajbonshis, their  glorious history & rich cultural heritage. It is also expected to make aware of the intellectuals and Research Scholars about the glorious history and rich cultural heritage of the Koches/Koch-Rajbonshis in the present situation and the status and crisis of the community in global perspective.

We hope all the intellectuals, artists, folklorists, media persons and common people will co-operate with us in this noble venture.

                                                                                    Sincerely yours

                                                                                    Buddheswar Roy

                                                                                    President, KRCS


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