About us

Koch-Rajbongshi Cultural Society was established on 20th July, 2003 at Kokrajhar, Assam in order to protect, preserve and promote the cultural heritage, historical and traditional events, aspects and folklore of Koch-Rajbongshi community. The society has been working hard and soul for the  cultural, historical, literary and socio-economic development of the community since inception. Presently its perimeter has been extended up to West Bengal, Bihar, Meghalaya, Nepal, Bhutan and Bangladesh. The society has also been warming up to familiarize the Koch-Rajbongshi folk song, dances and musical instruments in national and international platform for the enrichment of peace and harmony in the country through cultural exchange. The persons who were initially associated with the society were Dr. Dipak Kumar Roy, Dhananjoy Barman, Swapan Kumar Roy, Bhupen Roy, Sudhin Roy, Moahnbashi Barman, Sanjit Barman, Biju Roy, Arjun Choudhury, Dippunja Roy and Anubala Roy. At the initial stage basically the society trained up the young students for CCRT scholarship provided by  Govt. of India. Recently Koch-Rajbongshi Folklore Academy, an Institution of Koch-Rajbongshi Cultural Society has been established on 21st  September,2014 for academic teaching, training and research of Koch-Rajbongshi folk song, dance and music. The institution has been training the young learners in different fields of Koch-Rajbongshi folk song and dance and music through well experienced instructors as well as folk artists. Besides these the society has been organizing from time to time national and international level seminars, workshops and producing audio & video albums, documentaries pursuing its aim and objectives. The area of operation of the society is confined to Assam, West Bengal, Bihar and Meghalaya in India as well as  Nepal and Bangladesh  basically where the Koch-Rajbongshis are inhabitants.


  1. Core Committee, Koch-Rajbongshi Cultural Society

Convener:           Sri Nabo Krishna Roy, Saktiashram, Kokrajhar.

Member  :   1.    Dr. Krishna Kanta.  Roy, Sapatgram,Dhubri

  1.        Sri Bishawjit Roy, West Bengal
  2.        Sri Ratneswar Roy, Bijni, Chirang.
  3.        Mr. Subash Choudhury,Bilasipara,Dhubri.
  4.        Sri Mohini Mohan Kshetri, Baitamari, Bongaigaon
  5.         Sri Kshirod Das, Tamarhat,Dhubri
  6.         Sri  Anteswar Adhikaru, Kumarganj, Dhubri
  7.          Sri Nirad Ch. Barman, Bilasipara, Dhubri
  8.          Sri  Karnamohan Roy, Kalipukhri, Kokrajhar
  9.          Sri Durbasha Roy, Kokrajhar
  10.         Sri Kanteswar Roy, Kokrajhar
  11.           Sri Swarup Choudhury, Kolkata
  12.          Mrs. Sangita Roy, Kolkata.
  13.         Sri Chittaranjan Deka, Mongaldai, Darrang
  14.          Sri Khajin Roy, Dimalgaon, Kokrajhar.
  15.          Sri Amrit Narayan Patgiri, Basugaon,Chirang.
  16.         Sri Khanindra Roy, Kokrajhar.
  17.         Miss  Puja Koch, Dibrugarh.
  18.         Sri Dipankar Choudhury, Sidli
  19.        Sri Pabita Das,Sarbhog, Barpeta.
  20.         MR. K.M. Choudhury, Sarbhog.
  21.         Mr.Ashok Kr. Singha, Kokrajhar.
  22.         Working President, KRCS.
  23.         Secretary, KRCS
  24.        Mr. Pareswar Choudhury
  25.        Mr. David Roy,Kokrajhar.
  1.        Mr.Anil Barman,Kokrajhar.
  2.       Mr.Ashok Roy, Kokrajhar.
  3.       Mr.Madhab Roy, Kalipukhri.
  4.       Mrs.Krishna Dutta Baruah,Kokrajhar.
  5.        Sri  Chandan Roy, Sidli,Chirang
  6.        Sri Dandapani Adhikary, Baitamari, Bongaigaon.
  7.        Sri  Santi Ram Barman, Choutara, Gossaigaon

1.President:                       Sri Buddheswar Roy, Chandrapara.

2.Working President:       Sri Dhananjoy Kr.  Barman, Kokrajhar

Sri Khanindra  Roy, Kokrajhar.

3.Vice President:             Mrs. Bhagirathi Roy,Dimalgaon

:                  Sri Nirod Ch. Barman, Bilasipara.

  1. General Secretary:       Sri Dippunja Roy, Kokrajhar

Sri Manu Narayan Koch, Saktiashram,Kokrajhar.

5.Asstt. Secretary :       Sri Uma Kanta Roy, Dimalgaon, Kokrajhar.

  1. Jt. Secretary :             Sri Bhupen Roy, Kokrajhar

Sri Dipankar Choudhury, Sidli,Chirang.

7.Cultural Secretary:      Sri David Roy, Kokrajhar.

8.Finance Secretary:       Mr.Jyotiprasad Roy, Kalipukhri,Kokrajhar.

Sri Sambhu Sing Rajbongshi, Basugaon, Chirang.

  1. Treasurer:                      Sri Karna Mohan Roy, Kalipukhri,Kokrajhar.
  2. Literary Secretary:        Sri Chakradhar Roy, Dimalgaon, Kokrajhar.
  3. Office Management Secretary: Sri Mithun Roy, Dimalgaon,Kokrajhar

Sri Chakradhar Roy, Dimalgaon,Kokrajhar

12.Organizing Secretary:                Sri Hem Ch. Roy, Kalipukhri ,Kokrajhar

Sri Dhananjoy Roy, Bijni,Chirang.

Sri Madhab Ch. Roy, Kalipukhri, Kokrajhar

13.Publicity Secretary:                 Sri Kalpajit Krishna Barman,Tulshibil,Kokrajhar


  1. Mrs. Kanika Pradhani, Kokrajhar 2.Mrs. Chandralekha Barman, Kokrajhar, 3. Mrs Anubala Barman,Bhotgaon 4. Sri Ranjit Barman,Salakari 5.Sri Sanjit barman, Kokrajhar, 6. Sri Sanjit Singha, Kokrajhar,7. Sri Nandan Roy,Kokrajhar  8. Sri Manoj Roy, Kokrajhar. 9.Sri Ramprasad  Barman,Bhowraguri  10.. Hironmoyee Roy, Tamarhat. 11.All  Member, Core committee. 12.Sri Bhaskar Singha,Salkocha, Dhubri 13 Sri Bidyut Singha, Salkocha, Dhubri 14.. Ratneswar Roy, Serfanguri. 15.Sri Satyaranjan Roy, Bongaigaon,16 Sri Utpal Roy, Bongaigaon, 17.Sri Prankrishna Talukder, Barpeta, 18.Sri Kripamoy Choudhury, Sorbhog ,Barpeta., 19.Sri  Bhaben Barman, Bijni, chirang,21. Sri Utpal Das, Bongaigaon.



  1. Literary cum    Pubmication     committee
  2. Chairman : Dr. Krishna Kanta Roy, Sapatgram,Dhubri
  3. Convenor:  Sri Umakanta Roy,Dimalgaon, Kokrajhar.
  4. Member
  5. Sri Kshirod Das,Tamarhat,Dhubri
  6. Sri Kanteswar Roy,Kokrajhar.
  • Sri Pareswar Choudhury,Bhotgaon, Kokrajhar
  1. Sri Anil Kr. Barman,Kokrajhar.
  2. Sri Barnita Pradhani,Kokrajhar
  3. Sri Jatin Choudhury,Baitamari, Bongaigaon.
  • Sri Dhananjoy Singha, Bilasipara.
  • Sukuntala Choudhury,Bongaigaon.
  1. Kanika Pradhani.Kokrajhar.
  2. Bhupan Roy, Kokrajhar.
  3. Amrit Nrayan Patgiri, Basugaon
  • Miss Puja Koch,Dibrugarh.
  • Anuj Choudhury, Bongaigaon.
  • Sri Ranjit Barman, Salakati.,Kokrajhar.
  1. Sri Raghunath Choudhury, Futkibari, Dhubri.
  • Sri Subash Choudhury,Bilasipara,Dhubri
  • Sri Bhaskar Singha, Salkocha,Dhubri
  1.  Website Management
  2. Chairman :           Sri Manu Narayan Koch,Saktiashrom, Kokrajhar.

II .          Convenor:       Sri  David Roy,Kokrajhar.

III.          Jt. Convener:     Kumar Supriya Narayan, Kochbehar,W/Bengal.

Hirakjyoti Prodhani, Basugaon.

  1. Cultural Team Management

1.Troupe Manager:        Mr. Manu Narayan Koch,Kokrajhar

2.Troupe Leader:           Sri David Roy,Kokrajhar

  1.     Membe:              Sri Sanjib Singha ,Kokrajhar.

Sri  Swarup Choudhury, Kolkata.

Mrs. Sangita Roy,Kolkata.

Sri Kanteswar Roy,Kokrajhar.

Sri Pareswar Choudhury,Bhotgaon, Kokrajhar.

Sri Patiram Roy,Chandrapara, Kokrajhar.

Sri Ratneswar Roy,Serganguri, Kokrajhar.

Sri Kamala Kt. Roy,Beltari, Kokrajhar.

Sri Dilip Roy,Puthiyagaon,Kokrajhar.

Sri Hiranya Roy,Tamarhat,Dhubri

Smti Nitu Singha, Chapar.,Dhubri

Sri Lakhi Roy, Puthiyagaon,Kokrajhar.

Sri Ranjit Barman, Salakat,Kokrajhar.i

Sri Chandan Roy, Sidli, Chirng.

Sri Kamal Medhi, Sialmari,Bijni,Chirang.

Sri Sunil Roy, Futkibari, Dhubri.

Sri Prankrishna Talukder, Barpeta

Miss Niva Rani Barman, Guwahati.

Hirakjyoti Prodhani, Basugaon.

  1. Costume cum food Sub Committee
  2. Chairman:  Mrs Kanika Pradhani,Kokrajhar.

II.Convener :                      Mrs. Anita Roy,Kokrajhar.

III. Member:                       Mrs.  Krishna Dutta Baruah,Kokrajhar.

Mrs. Purnima Roy,Kokrajhar.

Mrs. Ratna Barman,Kokrajhar.

Mrs.Dharmista Roy,Kokrajhar.

Mrs. Jyotshna Roy,Kokrajhar.

Mrs. Urmila Roy,Kokrajhar.

Mrs. Renu Roy,Chandrapara,Kokrajhar.

Mrs Dipa Roy, Dhauliguri,Kokrajhar.

Mrs. Jamati Roy, Kalipukhri,Kokrajhar.

Mrs. Papi Barman, New Frakka, Dimalgaon.



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