The Rajbonshis alis Koch Rajbongshis are spread over throughout the world In one of my book “Koches Around the World’’ I have dealt there elaborately that the Koch people are there in Grece they are in European, Placed in Kaspian, Nepal, Bhuttan, Sikimm and undivived India Barma as well it is fact the history will prove because the Koch Rajbongshi People of the present day Assam are the ancient most ethenic group of Indo-Mongoliod people They are the ancient most ethnic group of Indo-Mongoliod people they have grown very close relation with the Kocharies with the Rabhas with the Garose with the Lalungs with Chutiyas and all belong to the same ethnic group of which Koch Rajbongshis are the ancient most history will prove like that. And you will be knowing fully if you read this book one “Koch-Rajbongshi Jatir Itihas aru Sanskriti” The letter written by Maharaja (king) Narayana in the year 1555 in the year 1555 a letter was written by Maharaje King Narayana to Ahom King Chukampha This letter is being now demanded claimed by Bengoli scholars that this is the ancient most folk literature of Bengoli literature on the other hand the assmese scholars also demand that this letter is the ancient most of assamese language So how you tell me it is most embarrassing Assamese as wel Bengoli both the language are demanding that it’s their own ancient most language So it proves that Rajbongshi language is the most it is older than Bengoli , older than Assamse from which Bengoli language as well as Assamese language come up so Let the historians grammarians and the Scholars decide and also decide this problem once for all, because these people are the ancient most their language also ancient most and Grierson the great scholar, linguist had already declared it That the language of this region was named as the Rajbongshi language Grierson was linguist and he had already declared it that the language of this region was named as Rajbongshi language. So Assamese and Bengoli both have come up from the Rajbongshi language. The scholars will in future while they conduct their research they will find it out.
* Notedhistorian
* Late Ambika Charon Chaudhury
* Speaks in the
* Intarnational Seminar Chandrapara
* Assam,India on 24th Sep,2011

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